Big changes are happening with WHWTCNE Rescue. Contact Susan Smith at 508-824-2148 A Happy Tale: About Bentley Bentley (far left) was a much loved animal companion whose owner fell on hard times. He had to give his pal up for adoption so he asked his friends, who already had two Westies, to give the fellow a home. They did, and Bentley, who was 10 at the time, adjusted instantly to his new life with his two other, younger Westie companions, 5 and 7 years of age. The three became fast friends! They slept together 9on their owners’ bed, of course), ate together, and froliced happily in the large fenced garden together, chasing each other around trees, trying to outrun the squirrels, and barking a greeting to any passersby. At right, the three Westies play “puppy pileup!” Despite a chronic skin condition -- which was treated with special shampoo and an occasional topical medication -- and the diagnosis of Canine Diabetes, which was kept under control thanks to a regimen of insulin injections easily administered twice-a-day, Bentley was a carefree Westie who acted far younger than his years.  After a rich and happy life, Bentley died at the age of 14-and-a-half. His adoption made a difference -- not only for him, but for the couple who lovingly cared for him and call him their own. Download the documents (in pdf format) you will need to adopt a Westie from the West Highland White Terrier Club of New England: New England Westie RESCUE APPLICATION. Find out if adoption is for you. Go to and read Before You Adopt. You can also search the site according to your geographic location for Westies up for adoption.
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